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Emergency Boarding Up Service

If your home or property has been damaged either accidentally or due to criminal damage, our team can help. We offer a fast, reliable professional emergency boarding service to make your property safe and secure in as short a time as possible. Whether it’s a single window or a whole building project, we’re only a call away. We also provide a planned boarding service for events, as well as steel security door installation for longer term security planning.



boarding up service


Subsidence is a serious problem for buildings, and one word no home owner wants to hear. Underpinning the foundations is the ideal remedy for subsidence damage, but sadly it’s also the most expensive and disruptive method. The good news is that underpinning may not be necessary. Our team have many years experience in the construction industry, and are skilled, knowledgeable specialists in finding the best solution for our clients. If you think your house has subsidence, call us today. We’ll conduct a survey to establish how we can make good the damage, then arrange a schedule of works to be carried out. Call us today to arrange a survey.


Cleaning Up Service

We offer a fast, reliable and thorough clean up service to customers who’s homes or property have been affected by accidental damage or weather damage. Water, fallen bricks, beams or plaster can cause extra damage to the structure of your property or to utility services, so we offer this service on a 24/7 basis, acting quickly to prevent any further costs to you. Store our number, you never know when you might need us.


cleanup service

Have you suffered property damage?

Acting Quickly can reduce the damage to your home.

Our customers tell us that dealing with one company for all these different stages has been a huge plus point for them. You only have one number to store in your phone, there are no issues over plumbers waiting for electricians, or electricians waiting for joiners. These are the things that can drag the job on for longer than necessary. So, we simply co-ordinate the whole job. We’re your one stop shop on this.

And from your initial call to our final visit, you can rest assured the very top level of service at all times.

With over 30 years of experience in the building trade. We employ only the best plumbers, electricians, plasterers and builders, ensuring your property is restored to back pre-damaged conditions.

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