Property Restoration Liverpool

Damage Repair

Below you can see all the services we offer under an all in one solution.

Fire Damage Restoration

Suffering fire damage can be upsetting, our experts will put you at ease and will restore your property to its original condition. If needed we will arrange suitable accommodation for you, while we work and repair your property. Read More

Water Damage Restoration

Water can be the most disastrous type of damage you can suffer. We will dry out your home and make sure all damaged is repaired, cleaning up and making sure we rescue as much of your belongings as possible. Read More

Drying Out Service

If you have suffered water or flood damage it is very important that you dry out your property. If left untreated mould will form which may damage not just your property but your family’s health. We offer a full drying out service halting the growth of moulds and keeping you and your home healthy. Read More

Storm Damage Restoration

Have you suffered from roof damage after adverse weather conditions? We cover all types of storm damage repairs from broken/slipped roofing tiles to broken/loose guttering and collapsed walls.  Read More

Impact Damage Restoration

If you have suffered impact damage don’t worry we can repair it whether it’s due to a tree falling on your property or a vehicle crashing in to it. Never fear we are here to make your property as good as new.  Read More

Emergency Boarding Up Service

We offer an emergency boarding up service in Liverpool making sure your property is safe and secure. We use high grade security boards and will secure broken doors and windows replacing any damaged locks and leaving your property safe.

Asbestos Removal

Asbestos is a VERY DANGEROUS substance that was used for many years in the building industry until it’s dangers were realised. Your home may have asbestos in it, if it was built before the building regulations were changed as many do. We employ fully licensed, asbestos removal and disposal technicians. So you can be sure if you have an asbestos problem we can safely solve it for you.


Subsidence is the downward movement of the site on which a building stands. Essentially, the soil beneath the building’s foundations is unstable. This has several possible causes but it can usually be solved by partial or complete underpinning of your foundations. 


If the damage to your property is so severe that it’s uninhabitable we can arrange suitable temporary accommodation for you and your family. Lasting until we are able to repair your property to a pristine condition. Ready for you to move back in.

Cleaning Up Service

We offer a complete clean up service if you have suffered flood, fire or smoke damage to your property. We will deep clean the affected areas including flooring and furniture in fact all your household goods. 

Your Insurance Claim

We will sort out your insurance claim from start to finish.