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We know that when you need our services that you’ll be stressed and upset. Let us reduce the stress by dealing with your insurance claim and and organising your repairs for you. All you have to do is ring us and we take care of the rest.

Below is our walk-through.

Damage Limitation

Checking for any structural damage that may of occurred and assessing your needs we will make your property (home or business) safe and secure.

Claims Surveyor

Our loss assessor will visit your property and survey the damage, making an itemised list of all the repairs that are required supported by photographic evidence. He will then liaise with your insurance company on your behalf.

Insurance Loss Assessors

After our LOSS ASSESSOR has contacted your insurance company he will produce an itemised schedule/time frame for your repairs to be carried out. He’ll submit all paperwork and documentation to the insurer. Liaising with their claims managers and charted loss adjusters FOR YOU.

Repairs and Restoration

After dealing with your insurance company (loss adjuster and claims manager) we Fire & Flood Restoration & Property Repair Limited will carry out all repairs with minimal disruption restoring your property to a pre-damaged condition.

Insurance Company

Once repairs are completed to your satisfaction we will inform your insurance company who will then settle your insurance repair claim. We will keep you informed during  every step and the whole process in completely transparent.

The difference between a Loss Assessor and a Loss Adjusters?

The main difference between the two is that the loss assessor works for you, the loss adjuster works for the insurance company. If you employ a loss assessor he will assess the damage and then pass his report on to the loss adjuster. If you do not use a loss assessor, the adjuster will assess the damage instead, because he works for the insurer he his more likely adjust the claim down in favor of the insurer.

What is a Loss AssessorWhat is a Loss Assessor?

A loss assessor negotiates on your behalf with your insurance companies loss adjuster. He works for you and will maximise your insurance claim. With years of experience of damage claims, he will know what you can claim for and how to claim it. Because the loss assessor works for you, you get the most out of your claim without having to talk to the insurance company.

What is a Loss AdjusterWhat is a loss Adjuster?

Loss adjusters are claims specialists who work on behalf of the insurance company. They deal with your claim and decide how much the claim is worth or if claim is valid, they will then right to the insurance company recommending appropriate payment.

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