Water Damage Restoration Repairs for Liverpool

Flooded Kitchen

Suffered flood or water damage?

Water damage can occur in several ways, such as burst water pipes, washing machine leaks or heavy rain on a damaged roof. If you have suffered such damage, you need a company that has years of experience dealing with water damage repairs.  You can rely on us to restore you property to a pristine condition and look after your insurance claim, however severe the damage is.

Acting Quickly will save you money, time and stress

We can safely remove mould from all the affected areas and repair the cause and effect of the mould so your property fully restored and safe to live in again.

Flood and Water Damage Repairs

If the water damage is left untreated mould and spores can grow jeopardizing you and your family’s health.

Mould spores can be very expensive to fix so acting quickly is very important.

Not only do these moulds damage the structure of your property, they are the cause of the many and wide ranging illnesses that people suffer as a result of breathing in the spores.

We have a full  Drying Out Service that will save you extensive repairs.

Our team of expert builders will assess the damage before starting any restorations and will make sure the property is safe and secure reducing the risk of extra damage.

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