Fire Damage Restoration Repairs for Liverpool

Fire Damage LiverpoolSuffered the devastation of a fire?

Fire & Flood Restoration & Property Repair Limited can clean up smoke and fire damage repairing your property to its pre-damaged condition. If you have been unlucky enough to suffer a fire the last thing you want is the added hassle of an insurance claim and ringing around for builders quotes in Liverpool.

Let us take the pain and hassle out of your Repair Insurance claim.

We will contact the insurance company on your behalf, sort out your repair insurance claim and carry out the repairs and restoration as soon as possible limiting the possibility of additional damage.

After a fire your property can suffer from many types of fire and smoke damage depending on what type, the severity and what smoke damage has occurred. We will carry out a survey on which types of damage you have suffered and how it’s best treated, we will then supply the insurance company with a quote on your behalf.

Fire Restoration and Repair

You can rely on us to restore your property to a pristine condition, however severe the damage.

Our highly trained restoration specialists will carry out the work at a time that suits you.

We will ensure your safety and strive to make your home look and feel like new.

After a fire your property will have smoke damage both visible and will have pungent odours, even in rooms unaffected by the fire. Your walls, windows, ceilings, furniture and floors (carpeted or not) In fact we will deep clean all household goods for you after a fire. We will remove any and all debris caused by the fire. We will remove and store your furniture while repairs/cleaning is carried out and negotiate with your insurers to arrange alternative accommodation for you if it’s required.

There are many types of fire and smoke damage we will survey your property to establish which type you have incurred.

Types Smoke Damage

  • Wet Smoke
  • Dry Smoke
  • Protein Damage
  • Soot Damage

Types Fire Damage

  • Synthetic Fire
  • Wood Fire
  • Paper Fire
  • Protein Damage

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